What happens if 1 million yogi’s got together?

What happens if 1 million yogi’s got together?

Our mission is to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods.

Yoga Gives Back is a non profit organization who saw how lucrative the Yoga industry was becoming in the Western world, whilst there being extreme poverty in India. India has given us the gift of Yoga, and in return Yoga Gives Back asks for Yogis to give back to the women and children in India who are in need of education, and to alleviate poverty.


For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.


Myself and the teachers at Dallas Ashtanga Yoga Shala are hosting a charity donation class to benefit Yoga Gives Back. We ask to come together to celebrate ourselves, our community, and our practice, and to give back to mother India who has given us this gift of yoga.

  • I’ll be teaching a guided Ashtanga (Led Half Primary) with assistance by Dean and Sarah Hollingsworth.

  • Sound of singing bowls played by Ayako Mahtani of Dallas Sound Healing.

  • Chai and treats after class!

    This class will be for both new and seasoned practitioners. Postures will be adapted to all levels and abilities.