This class is a gift to all expecting mothers. If you have a desired birthing experience, or you are open to the unexpected, this class supports all. With breath-work, meditation and postures, you can create a safe haven for your baby, and a strong, healthy body and mind for yourself. Through Yoga, you find the joy in your heart, and the love in your soul to embrace this wonderful gift of life, even if you are feeling confronted by challenge. The practice is here to support you and guide you to a place of balance and serenity.


Every mother deserves to feel strong and confident within themselves.

Postnatal yoga provides time to explore postures and breath-work to nourish and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.We spend time on opening tight hot spots, and looking at the importance of rest which is essential to all mothers. We also make time for strengthening the core, looking at the health of pelvic floor and healing any signs of Diastasis.

Each class is an opportunity to bring love back to yourself, to find compassion, and to honor all the energy you give out into the world.

Upon request, Baby yoga can be included during Postnatal Yoga sessions.

All classes are in the comforts of your own home or in a yoga studio, and adapted to all levels and abilities. Please specify desired location when booking.

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