Ashtanga Yoga

This traditional Yogic System is a therapeutic and  dynamic form of yoga. Ashtanga yoga specifically focuses on a set sequence of poses (Asana), which are shaped by the breath and encourages one to find an internal focus. The practice is healing by creating an internal heat which stimulates a release of toxins, allowing the body to become strong and limber, and the mind to become clear.

Ally believes in cultivating a personal practice which supports where you are in space, time and circumstance. With that, she offers modifications and holds space for you to explore different ways of approaching the practice. 


60 Minute Private Session - $85

90 Minute Private Session - $100

60 Minute Semi Private Session - $90

90 Minute Semi Private Session - $105

60 Minute Group Private Session (minimum of 4) - $120

90 Minute Group Private Session (minimum of 4) - $135

All classes are in the comforts of your own home or in a yoga studio, and adapted to all levels and abilities. Please specify desired location when booking.


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