Types of Lessons Offered

ASHTANGA YOGA is a dynamic form of yoga that specifically focuses on a set sequence of poses (Asana). Each pose improves the body's alignment, strength & flexibility whilst allowing the mind to turn inwards and meditate. Ashtanga Yoga is a therapeutic practice; through the combination of poses, breath & focus, the body & mind can find true balance. With the profuse sweat the practice can bring, toxins are released and a cleansing process of the organs and mind begins to happen. There are 6 series in the Ashtanga Yoga System & 2 types of classes. A Led Class consists of a class instructed by a teacher and a Mysore Class is self-led practice where the teacher will individually assist. Ally is trained to teach both of these classes.

PRENATAL YOGA is more than just gentle stretching. This class gives you time to focus on maintaining a healthy pregnancy for yourself and for your baby. Each pregnancy class incorporates elements of meditation, Asana practice, breath work & on request partner work. Prenatal Yoga provides the opportunity to build strength & to relax your body and mind, in preparation for a safe & confident childbirth.

POSTNATAL YOGA looks at drawing together the abdominals which have spent 9 months expanding to make a home for baby. There is time spent on relaxing & opening tight hot spots (shoulders, upper and lower back), and each class slowly allows the body to regain strength & stamina. Ally can include baby yoga during Postnatal Yoga sessions. There is relaxation time in every class, which is essential for all mothers.

Ally is now available for private, semi private & group sessions at Core Response Pilates in Santa Monica. www.coreresponsepilates.com


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"I have loved being your student, and think you're a fabulous teacher, the best I've ever had."

--Elizabeth, Los Angeles